- In his speech, Jia Yongli said, "Since the launch of Huawei Cloud EI at HUAWEI CONNECT 2017, Huawei Cloud has explored over 200 projects across eight industries, covering cities, manufacturing, logistics, and the Internet. We have three important findings: AI helps IT evolve from support systems to production systems; combining AI with industry insight is difficult; and computing power is a major barrier to AI application."

Huawei Cloud EI Drives Industry Modernization

When talking about how to combine industry insight with AI, Jia Yongli said, "Huawei Cloud EI drives industry modernization in three scenarios, including repetitive and high-volume work, tasks that require expert experience, and work that needs multi-domain collaboration. These will help improve efficiency, pass on expertise, and break the limits of human intelligence."

For repetitive or high-volume work, Huawei Cloud EI services help identify massive sets of frequently-used data in enterprise practices.

For tasks that require expert experience, AI can act as assistants to experts after being integrated with expert experience or industry insight. For example, the Huawei Cloud EI visual team has been working closely with KingMed Diagnostics, a company that provides medical diagnostic testing. By leveraging AI technologies, the partner has made breakthroughs in the pathological examination of cervical cancer, with a sensitivity (true positive rate) of over 99% and a specificity (true negative rate) of over 80%.

For tasks that require multi-domain collaboration and involve many parameters, complex dependencies, and high dimensions, such as industrial production and urban governance, AI brings with it new ideas and methods.

Huawei Releases EI Intelligent Twins for Cities

Today, Huawei Cloud released EI Intelligent Twins for cities and complex urban scenarios.

Based on the digital twin, the EI Intelligent Twins solution for cities released today utilizes AI to achieve synergies between clouds, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and other technologies and to build a complete system from data generation and analysis to closed-loop management. Strong computing power enables us to explore more efficient resource scheduling and configurations in a number of fields, such as traffic, environmental protection, emergency response, and public water systems, building a scenario-specific AI service platform that offers public services. This solution makes it possible to improve efficiency while reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment.

In June 2018, Huawei Cloud released EI Traffic Intelligent Twins and Industrial Intelligent Twins.

Fast Upgrade of Huawei Cloud EI Capabilities

Huawei released the Ascend 310 and 910 AI chips, empower Huawei Cloud's full-stack capabilities in all scenarios.

In addition, Huawei Cloud EI provides 45 services and 142 functions, covering essential platform services, general APIs, advanced APIs, and pre-integration solutions. These services and functions make inclusive AI possible, satisfying the needs of different groups including AI senior data scientists, data engineers, common IT engineers, and business personnel.

At the end of his speech, Jia Yongli said, "By improving the computing power offered by Huawei AI chips, Huawei Cloud is geared up for the AI era. We expect the Huawei Cloud EI Intelligent Twins solution to be used by our partners and create better cities around the world. Huawei's EI Intelligent Twins solution will be well integrated with industry expertise to offer inclusive AI, providing enterprises with affordable, effective, and reliable AI services."


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Raiola: "Juventus? E' tutto fermo Era fatta col Milan, ma poi..."


Raiola: "Juventus? E' tutto fermo
Era fatta col Milan, ma poi..."

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