- The highlights of Jolywood's display at SNEC include its N-type monocrystalline bifacial TOPCON solar cell, N-type bifacial glass-transparent backsheet module, aluminum partner system for bifacial modules, and glass-free AI flexible module with IBC technology, along with new energy products for households. Xia Zhong, Deputy General Manager of SPIC visited Jolywood's booth and was impressed with what he saw, specifically the company's promotion of grid parity with its N-type monocrystalline bifacial solar cells, which is of great importance to China and the world. He also expressed his eager anticipation for Jolywood's venture into the emerging household green energy sector, which will bring many opportunities and benefits to people living in rural areas in China.

Lin Jianwei, Chairman of Jolywood, said, "We are honored to receive such effuse praise from Mr. Xia for our new products and for our forward-looking strategy for growth in the residential sector. SPIC is a leader in power generation and their support of our efforts is a great testament to the quality of our products, and the innovative people at Jolywood who have worked to develop them.

"Our high-reflection aluminum partner system of bifacial modules is the unsung hero of Jolywood's lineup," Lin continued. "They offer a wide array of advantages; they're lightweight, high-intensity, high-reflection, feature high heat dissipation, are self-cleaning, are wind- and snow-resistant, and are long-lasting. They can reduce the cost of a bifacial solar power plant and increase its output value."

In May, Jolywood forged a partnership with HuangHe HydroPower Development Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of SPIC, to develop products for the new energy market in China, and HuangHe HydroPower will purchase solar cells and modules from Jolywood up to 5GW. Through this partnership, Jolywood will promote the rapid application of high-efficiency and high-reliability products and strive for the rapid realization of PV grid parity.

The mass production efficiency of the N-PERT solar cells used in Jolywood's cooperation project with SPIC has reached 21.7%, while that of the new TOPCON solar cell is up by 0.9% compared with N-PERT. By the end of the year, it can be further increased by 0.4% to 23%. The N-type bifacial technology will increase overall power generation by more than 17% compared to P-type single-sided technology. Meanwhile, the company's N-type bifacial glass-transparent backsheet module enjoys a front power of up to 400W, and its maximum comprehensive power will exceed 480W. The module also uses the transparent TPT backsheet developed by Jolywood and DuPont. In addition, Jolywood has upgraded the transparent technology and produced a grid-type high-reflection transparent backsheet product, which has already been patented.

About Jolywood

Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology, a wholly-owned photoelectric technology subsidiary of Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co. Ltd., is engaged in the research & development, production and marketing of solar cells, solar energy, silicon, and technical advisory services. The company has been accumulating new technologies since its founding and has applied for over 60 patents to date, with 23 of them having been successfully granted. Founded in 2008, Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co. Ltd. is the largest professional manufacturer of PV backsheet worldwide, with an annual production capacity of over 100 million meters. The company also tops the global solar industry with 2.1GW in manufacturing capacity of N-type bifacial solar cells.





Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/703146/Jolywood_N_type_solar_cells.jpgPhoto - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/703147/Jolywood_TOPCON.jpgPhoto - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/703148/Jolywood_backsheet_series.jpgPhoto - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/703149/Jolywood_bifacial_solar_modules.jpgPhoto - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/703150/Jolywood_SPIC.jpg


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