- The #1 YouTube makeup brush brand[1] reaches astronomical new heights to mark the launch of latest limited-edition Brush Crush[TM]collection

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for beauty. Internationally acclaimed makeup tool brand, Real Techniques, is proud to announce its first ever successful space mission to celebrate the launch of the latest limited-edition collection, Brush Crush[TM] Volume 2.

     (Photo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/728919/Real_Techniques_Space.jpg )

Working with the 'near space experts' Sent Into Space, Real Techniques launched its latest galaxy-inspired collection from Earth on the 1 August at 10:24 BST using an enormous helium-filled balloon. The brushes ascended at a rate of 5 metres per second for 116 minutes and travelled to an incredible altitude of 36,338 metres, with 19,000 metres being the officialpoint that marks the boundary of near space. Real Techniques is happy to report that there were in fact traces of beauty junkies in space![2]

Sent Into Space confirmed that the galactic-themed brushes are "the first makeup brushes ever to be sent into space", flying up over four times the height of Mount Everest; above 99 per cent of the Earth's atmosphere by mass; and being exposed to temperatures of -57c at peak altitude, before landing back near Thorne, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom and being retrieved by the Sent Into Space team[3].

Inspired by a lunar colour palette of icy silver and ombre violet hues, the new Brush Crush[TM] Volume 2 collection features the following beauty tools that were involved on the pioneering voyage[4]:

Tiffany Kurtz-Sewall, Global Marketing Director at Paris Presents Incorporated, comments: "It seemed only fitting to mark our latest out-of-this-world launch with an ascent out of the atmosphere. Our second instalment of the limited-edition Brush Crush[TM]collection not only has prestige application quality unlike any other beauty tools on Earth, or the rest of the cosmos, but give you galactic good looks too!"

The fastest-growing cosmetic accessory brand in the US[5] also collaborated with some of the biggest global beauty influencers today to further support the launch. The official Instagram unveiling saw Real Techniques partner with several US and UK influencers who took to their Instagram stories at 16:00 BST on 10 August 2018 to reveal the range after cracking open planet-shaped branded piñatas. The unveiling of the new collection has also been premiered on Real Techniques' Instagram channel to their 2 million+ followers.

Real Techniques® is dedicated to continuing to supply innovative beauty breakthroughs with proven prestige performance tools that offer superior application.

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About Real Techniques 

Reveal your inner expert with high-tech brushes and online tutorials. Created with professional makeup artists and top-rated YouTube beauty gurus Sam and Nic Chapman. Real Techniques is a brand from Paris Presents Incorporated, a company that specialises in creating and distributing beauty products and personal care accessories to elevate the beauty experience for all users.

For more information, visit http://www.realtechniques.com© 2018 Paris Presents Incorporated. All rights reserved.

About Sent Into Space 

The global experts in Near Space, applying cutting-edge research and innovation to create inspiring experiences.

Environmental impact: The process is entirely environmentally considerate. The balloons used are entirely bio-degradable. Latex is the product of rubber tree sap and breaks down when exposed to the elements of nature. Oxidation is the first step in the breakdown of the balloon and it begins within approximately one hour of inflation. The balloons also degrade in UV light (of which there is a lot in near space!) and the decomposition time is similar to that of an oak leaf (6 months). The vast majority of the balloon is recovered on most flights. It's very important that Sent Into Space retrieve the payload to obtain the results, whereupon the majority of the balloon remains attached and all is recovered. Sent Into Space do not launch out to sea and avoid it vehemently. If they do happen to land in the sea, the setup is retrieved, however this is very rare. No harmful chemical, dyes or preservatives are used in any consumables the company utilise

For further information on Sent into Space, visit https://sentintospace.com/pages/about-us

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