- Bachmann & Welser Global Group & Subsidiaries have introduced Bank Instruments to aid clients in monetisation, working capital from USD 1M upwards with the following instruments:

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Bank Instruments are used for all kinds of transactions; mainly for import and export trades as well as some of the above instruments can be traded via a fully licensed and regulated trader for small cap or high yield programs.

Bachmann & Welser Global Group & Subsidiaries also help many clients to set up their own credit lines with their banks and utilise the power of bank instruments.

There are regulated protocols that need to be stringently followed when working with Bank Instruments; these are governed by the ICC - International Chamber of Commerce.

For this reason Bachmann & Welser's in-house team of experts helps clients with all Bank Instrument requirements.

Monetising of bank instruments (BG or SBLC) is the process of liquidating the valid bank instrument thus by converting them into legal tender i.e. cash.

Monetisation can be completed via a non-recourse (no repayment) or recourse (loan repayment agreed terms).

Both options have a LTV (loan to value) which is provided once compliance, and negotiations start.

Bachmann & Welser Global Group & Subsidiaries has its own monetising facilities and work with prime partners such as Top Tier World banks to monetise instruments for clients across the globe.

Bachmann & Welser Global Group & Subsidiaries can also consider monetisation of bank instruments issued from all institutions or banks.

There is no "one size fits all" when monetising bank instruments as there are various factors to be considered, such as:

Monetisation of bank instruments is a powerful way to raise funds for projects, therefore all our monetisation solutions require a brief project overview for compliance purposes.  Once compliance has been completed full terms and LTV will be provided to clients based on the presented information.

We are able to monetise leased and purchased instruments with leased giving a lower LTV. 

Bachmann & Welser Global Group & Subsidiaries offer straight cash monetisation pay-outs, or can part pay-out and use the balance of the funds to enter clients into trade platforms.

Sound Advice 

Those with a bank instrument or looking to raise a bank instrument such as a SBLC or BG for funding purposes are advised to speak to Bachmann & Welser ideally, prior to issuing an instrument,. Many clients end up with bank instrument paper where unfortunately nothing can be done. This is down to poor advice from banks or financial institutions issuing the bank instrument paper.

For media inquiries, please contact:  Sarah Atkins  Media Relations Officer Sarah.Atkins@bachmannwelser.com 

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