- Whilst users may be in control when mowing with a traditional walk behind mower, a robotic mower is able to roam around freely within its set boundary. Yard Force is now one step ahead in using Active Safety technology to greatly improve obstacle detection.

Active Safety technologies are used in the car industry, such as Ultrasonic sensors for Parking Assistance, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). These adaptive crash-avoidance features can help enhance driver awareness to potential crash threats, allowing the driver to react and make changes to avoid them.

For self-driving cars, the Active Safety features are even more important to avoid collisions, such as emergency automatic breaking function.

All robotic mowers have to adhere to general safety regulations for normal operating conditions. Most robotic mowers in the market are equipped with several Passive Safety sensors, such as collision sensors and lifting sensors to ensure regular protection. The emergency STOP button is the ultimate failsafe in case all Passive Safety sensors have lost their functionality. In the event of any potential safety issues around children and pets, this could still be a problem if users need to rush from the house into the garden to press the STOP button.

Yard Force, however, is leading the way in Active Safety with its new built-in iRadar™ feature which meets the highest safety standards. The advanced build structure of the AMIRO® and X Series robotic mowers reduces any potential injury risk to people and animals.

This Autumn, Yard Force launched the NEW range of AMIRO® and X Series robotic mowers at spoga+gafa 2018 Show in Cologne, Germany, incorporating the most advanced technologies from the car industry into garden care.

iRadar™, the Ultrasonic sensor is built into all AMIRO® and X Series robotic mowers, using Active Safety to protect everyone, especially children and pets from being hurt and avoiding any collisions. From 20cm away, the new Yard Force® robotic mowers can detect obstacles with a minimum height of 2cm, calculating the running speed with its integrated algorithm, and automatically turning away.

In addition to the iRadar™ system, the "i" models of AMIRO® and X Series also boast WiFi and app control. The "Mowap" app can be downloaded and installed through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

"Mowap" includes features such as battery power monitoring, HOME command for returning the robotic mower back to its charging station and STOP working command for total control.

With Yard Force® AMIRO® and X Series robotic mowers, users can simply relax in the total safety of their gardens.


Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/742103/AMIRO_iRadar.jpg


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Uomini pazzi per kajal e barber
Makeup, su l'export. Ma la Cina...

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