MILAN, Italy and HONG KONG, Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- NTC, an international R&D focused pharmaceutical company headquartered in Italy, and Zhaoke (Hong Kong) Ophthalmology Pharmaceuticals Limited, having a fully integrated ophthalmic platform with strong foundation in eyecare, announce today their agreement for exclusive license and distribution rights of NTC014, innovative fixed combination of a quinolone antibiotic and a NSAID in eye drops. Zhaoke will market NTC014 in the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, ASEAN countries, and South Korea.  NTC014 aims to provide physicians with a rational treatment for moderate-severe bacterial conjunctivitis, a common eye infection. Actual treatment is mainly based on antibiotics combined/or not with steroids with no clear time window of administration. NTC014 is a first in class eye drop solution combining an antibiotic highly effective on the bacteria most frequently involved in eye infections and an NSAID controlling signs and symptoms associated with inflammation.  "We are proud to partner with Zhaoke, an innovative oriented company," Riccardo Carbucicchio, Chief Executive Officer, NTC, states. "NTC014 will make a next level treatment for bacterial conjunctivitis available to millions of patients. It targets a more rapid 'signs and symptoms' response compared to available solutions with no limitation of usage. In addition, NTC014 is consistent with our mission to contribute to fighting antibiotic resistance by using less antibiotics, for a shorter treatment duration."   Dr. Benjamin Li, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Zhaoke Ophthalmology Limited, says "We are excited about this partnership with NTC which perfectly embraces our mission of bringing innovative therapies to patients in China and Asian countries. Moreover, NTC's NTC014 fixed dose combination strengthens Zhaoke's already comprehensive ophthalmology pipeline. We look forward to working together with NTC to develop this product for patients in need."    About NTCNTC is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Milan, Italy, with distributors and partners in more than 100 countries in the world, engaged in research, development, registration, and commercialization of drugs, medical devices, and food supplements in ophthalmology and other therapeutic areas, including pediatrics and gastro-metabolism. NTC supplies more than 200 partners with its innovative and high quality standard pharmaceutical products. For more information: About Zhaoke (Hong Kong) Ophthalmology Pharmaceutical LimitedZhaoke (Hong Kong) Ophthalmology Pharmaceutical Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhaoke Ophthalmology Limited ("ZKO"), which specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of ophthalmic drugs. It has built up a state-of-the-art development and production facility in Nansha, Guangzhou which supports the in-house development and future commercialization of over 20 proprietary products and difficult to manufacture generics (ranged from pre-clinical to registration stage) for the Chinese and Asian markets. ZKO boasts top-tier global and Chinese institutional investors and biotech-focused investment funds as its shareholders, including GIC, Hillhouse COFL and TPG Asia. Further on December 18, 2020, ZKO submitted its listing application form for public listing on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

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