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Coaching with ROI

Coaching with ROI

Interview with Lisa Ann Edwards, founder of Bloom Coaching Institute.


Coaching with ROI. What do you mean with this definition?

Coaching with ROI is a methodology developed specifically for coaches to deliver measurable and tangible results in a traditionally unmeasured space, elevating the perception, impact, and importance of coaching worldwide.

We use data to measure, quantify, and monetize the return on investment as a result of coaching engagements. Often times organizations understand the value of coaching and the positive impact it delivers, yet few understand how to prove the value in a tangible way. Coaching with ROI uses data to substantiate the value of coaching, making the once nearly impossible task of communicating coaching successes to stakeholders, not only possible, but easy.

In addition to providing the methodology and tools necessary to strategically embed assessment, measurement, and evaluation into high-impact coaching engagements, Coaching with ROI is an important business development tool. Coaches learn to unquestionably prove their value, resulting in higher coaching adoption, more funding, and higher overall success for coaches and organizations.

The Coaching with ROI program purposefully includes business development steps, allowing coaches to use their past evidenced successes to concretely win new business. The combination of methods and tools within this program opens the door to new opportunities for coaches, while providing the evidence needed to maintain longevity with their most valued clients.


You are the founder of Bloom Coaching Institute, an organization that advances coaching effectiveness through research. Which are the main topics to study to improve coaching effectiveness. What is the core of your research?

Our research is based on our many years of coaching. We’ve intimately experienced what works and what doesn’t, honing in on proven ways to create success for clients while delivering positive, and tangible ROI. Our IMPACT development program, Mentor Coaching programs, and our individual coaching programs have all contributed insights to our research.

Our current research is focused on understanding how people become catalysts of change in the workplace, and the primary levers for success in coaching. We are further developing our knowledge in this area, as well as other topics related to change and impact.


You usually coach other coaches. Do you work in coaching individuals and group too? Are there some differences in coaching?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of coaching engagements. We work directly with organizations to implement our IMPACT development program, as well as our Mentor Coaching program. Additionally, we provide individual coaching services. 


Where have you coached? In many countries?

We have proudly coached both coaches and individuals around the world, including: the Americas, Europe, the UK, the Middle East and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


Are you developing some new project?

 Yes. And, that’s all we will say for now, but it’s exciting!







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